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Preise - Saison 2018.

Liebe Gäste,
mit der Begrüßung wünschen wir Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt in unserem Camp. Um Ihren Aufenthalt so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten, möchten wir Ihnen einige nützliche Informationen einzuführen. Die Preise sind in der kroatischen Kuna.

Kids (5-12)
+ Zelt
A/N + T/N
+ Camphaus
A/N + C/N
52 38 52 58 62 30 30 35
64 48 85 90 95 40 40 35

Steuer ist nicht inbegriffen. Bezahlt von allen Personen im Alter von 18 bis 8,00 KN pro Tag.
Personen im Alter von 12-18 Jahren zahlt 50%.
Kinder unter 12 Jahren sind von der Steuer befreit zu zahlen.


1. Ein Aufenthalt von mindestens 15 Tage - 5% Rabatt / pro Person
2. Ein Aufenthalt von mindestens 20 Tage - 10% Rabatt und Fisch-Abendessen / pro Person
3. Die Gäste, die auf dem Campingplatz min kommen. 3 mal - 15% Rabatt / pro Person

Familie Brkić, Nedjeljko (Dominik) & Vesna - Autocamping park "MATIJA"


Check in - Upon arrival you have to check in at the reception desk, handover your ID card or passport, and in cooperation with the camp leader choose your place. Please, report all camping equipment you use.
Check out - Please check out one day in advance. Free the camping grounds prior to 15 pm on the day of departure.
Installations - Use electricity only for small appliances.  Please keep the leased refrigeration cabinets (fridge box) clean. Refrigeration cabinets’ temperature is from -15 C to 8 C, therefore fish and meat can be kept in them. Please report the use of electricity and refrigerators, if you use them as a family.
Peace and quiet time - night time peace in the camp runs from 22 p.m. till 7 a.m., it is not permissible noise of any kind in this period.
Purity - Please take care of the cleanliness of your place. Collect rubbish in plastic bags and don't leave it out of the tank. Protect the plants and the green area at the camp. It is forbidden to wash cars in the camp.
Boats - Boat owners are required to register their vessels to the Port Authority in Murter or Tisno. It is allowed to paddle or to move at the lowest motor speed at 200 m distance from the shore. Boat trailers are not allowed to leave the area outside the camp, but on the part of the camp designated for that purpose. The owner selects a boat buoy in cooperation with the head of the camp. Everyone must tie their boats so as not to endanger the safety of other boats. Camp is not responsible for any damage to the sea shore or anchorage. Boat owners mustn't start boat engines in the vicinity of bathers or the coast. Each boat owner must have its own chain, which connects the vessel with concrete anchor block.
Making fire - Due to damage it may cause, it is strictly prohibited by law making fire in the camp, except in places designated for that. Your attention provides better protection from fire: extinguish the cigarette, do not throw unextinguished matches, and extinguish the candle before going to sleep. It is prohibited to bring inflammable or explosive substances inside the camp.
First aid  - You can get the First aid in Murter or Tisno tourist ambulance. 
Values - Camp does not assume responsibility for valuables left in tents or campers.
Dog owners - Dogs must be under the supervision of the owner. For taking dog for a walk use the walkway outside the camp, and make sure the dog does not defile the rest of the camp. 
Visitors - Longer visitors' stay in the camp or facilities usage will be charged per room tariff, per person.
- Parents are asked to pay attention to small children at a playground, not to let them go to the beach without supervision and to pay great attention when crossing the road.
- Users of the Internet are asked not to use any inappropriate content from the Internet,
Paying- Unfortunately, we do not accept "plastic money"
- Bikes that are in property of the can be used for free, but only for activities such as visits to the village for shopping, going to the post office, etc. This excludes full-time use, because in that case other guests could not use them.
- Swimmers are asked to keep an eye on the boat and not to detract much from the coast.
- Please do not disturb in any respect (noise, etc.) the neighbours of the camp. 
- Swimmers are asked to use for sunbathing the beach resort in front of the camp.